The Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation hereby launches an award, also in accordance with the Foundation’s bylaws, for research inEconomics, Medicine, Physics and Philosophy relevant to the field of Ontopsychology.

The Foundation aims to disseminate and promote the Ontopsychological thought, as expressed in Professor Meneghetti’s fundamental books, and the adoption of the integral humanism approach in the philosophical, scientific, artistic and business practices. The Foundation has no specific support limitations and does not engage in for-profit pursuits.

The award will provide financial support for research projects in the field of Economics, Medicine, Physics and Philosophy that can be relevant to Ontopsychology.


Art. 1 Award

To this end, the Antonio Meneghetti Foundation will award the sum of EUR 15,000.00 (fifteen thousand) in each of the four following areas: Economics, Medicine, Physics and Philosophy.

An award can also be given to two or more ex-aequo winners in each category. In this case the sum of EUR 15,000.00 (fifteen thousand) will be split equally among the winners.


Art. 2 Participation requirements

Each research project submitted must include:

1)      A signed Application Form (Annex A)

2)     A curriculum vitae not longer than one page

3)      The project’s presentation has to be subdivided in two parts:

The first part:  Research Proposal – a detailed description of your research plans. The proposal (excluding references) should be not more than 10 pages in length, double spaced. You should include the current status of research being done around the world on your topic (including a footnote/reference section), a description of why your project is different and important and what are the results that you would like to reach. You should pay careful attention to theoretical and methodological planning and you should make it very clear exactly what you propose to do.

The second part:

The project’s description has to be divided in steps. For each step, you shouldapproximately indicate the necessary economic investment as well as the calendar of your research.

4)      Bibliography in APA style

5)      All documentation has to be submitted either in Italian or in English. The same criterion applies for the research project as such. Documents or projects submitted in languages different than Italian or English will not be taken into consideration.


Candidates who wish to apply for the annual Award’s selection must have a University Degree (Master’s degree level). In case of projects with multiple Authors, participation in the award is open to the submitting Author who has received the written consent of his or her co-Authors.

Art. 3 Award terms and conditions

The Award participation application (annex A), filled in in each part, has to be sent to the Foundation both by e-mail to, and by paper, to the address: Fondazione di Ricerca Scientifica ed Umanistica Antonio Meneghetti, Via San Gottardo 10  – 6900 Lugano –Svizzera (CH) not later than 12 September 2015. Compliance with this deadline shall be confirmed by the date of shipping. All documentation concerning the research project, as specified in the Article 2 of this announcement, has to be attached to the application (electronically in the .pdf format and by paper for the shipping by mail). Those who so wish – it is not mandatory – can also include a short video on their research project (3/4 minutes). The submitting Author shall verify that both his/her application and the documentation have been duly received by e-mail and by regular mail.


The result shall be notified directly to the selected winner/winners via a letter from the Foundation’s Council within 60 days of the foregoing deadline.

The award’s Scientific Committee shall select and recommend to the Foundation’s Council the winning submissions. The award’s Scientific Committee shall be made up of the Foundation’s Chairman and two other members – of an international stature – for each of the four areas, selected from among Ontopsychology scholars. Resolutions shall be adopted by a majority vote.  All documentation sent must be in Italian or in English. Other languages will not be taken into consideration.


Art. 4 Evaluation criteria

The Scientific Committee will review:

– The project’s scientific quality based on international standards

– The pertinence of the project’s content for the Ontopsychological thought.


Art. 5 Winner

In the case of a project by a single Author, such Author shall be the winner. In the case of multi-authored project, the award shall be given to the submitting Author who, in turn, is required to attach to the application the consent of the other co-Authors.

Art. 6 Documents to be submitted

Candidates (submitting Authors) need to submit the following documentation:

–          an application duly filled (see Annex A) and signed by the candidate (submitting Author)

–          the research project as described in the Article 2

–          a copy of the candidate’s (or submitting author’s) valid identity card

–          a curriculum vitae not longer than one page

–          a notarized copy of the University degree (Master’s degree level), PhD or equivalent


Art. 7 Award ceremony

The support for the winning project will be paid in one instalment in the occasion of the awarding ceremony – place and date to be decided.


Art. 8 Unassigned awards

Should no candidacies suitable for the Award emerge, the sum will stay at the Foundation’s disposal.


Art. 9 Dissemination of results

The Foundation, in keeping with the intellectual property rights related to the project that received the award, may undertake initiatives, also in cooperation with third parties, to disseminate and communicate the contents of such projects. 


Art. 10 Information and contacts

For any information or communication please contact: Fondazione di Ricerca Scientifica ed Umanistica Antonio Meneghetti Via San Gottardo 10 – 6900 Lugano Svizzera CH, e-mail, tel. +41919933007 fax +41919933008.  


Art. 11 Acceptance of rules and rights

Participation in the award entails acceptance of all the rules hereunder. Therefore, failure to comply with any such rules shall result in the automatic exclusion from the contest (without any obligation to inform the non-compliant party). Furthermore, by accepting such rules Authors give their consent to use the submitted projects for all the activities related to the contest.


As to personal data protection, participants should know that the personal data provided to enrol in the contest, or obtained by the Foundation for such purposes, shall be processed solely to carry out the activities associated with the contest. Such processing shall be performed by the persons in charge of the procedure, including through the use of information technology equipment, in the manner and within the limits set to pursue such activity. Under no circumstances shall collected data be published or provided to third parties.


Application Form


Lugano, 9 March 2015


                                               Foundation Council of the

                                               Antonio Meneghetti

                                               Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation

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