Rekrutacja do Working Groups działających w ramach organizacji Eurodoc!

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Eurodoc prowadzi rekrutację do Working Groups działających przy organizacji!
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Poniżej przedstawiamy charakterystykę poszczególnych grup.

1. PhD Training (NEW!), Coordinator: Eva
– Collect and share good practices of PhD training from different
contexts in Europe, especially in sense of transferable skills.
– Provide documentations on these practices to individuals and to
national organizations by creating an online platform on this topic.
– Define „Eurodoc”s recommandations” on the training to ensure its
quality and adequacy with the recognition of PhD as a professional
– Share and support the „7 principles of innovative doctoral training”
and „Salzburg I and II recommendations”.
– Organizing a seminar on this topic.
– Publish seminar’s outcomes.

2. Employment & Career Development, Coordinators: Miia and Sanna
During the term 2016–2017, we aim at producing a policy paper /
statement in which Eurodoc could express the current conditions and
challenges of early stage researchers in respect of their employment
and career development, as well as formulate recommendations on how
these issues could be tackled on national and international level inEurope.
Those who are interested in joining the effort are warmly welcomed to join us!

3. Finance, Coordinator: Clemens
Priority this year will be the acquisition of more structural funding,
coming from suitable grant programs or in the form of private donations.
In a first step we are going to catalogue and evaluate different sources of funding.
In a second step we select the ones we want to prioritize
before we put together one or more grant applications.
At the same time, we will develop a donations acquisition program,
for which we need to define and discuss, among other things,
what our initial target group will be, how and when to contact them,
and how to widen this group in the future.

4. Policy Research, Coordinator: Andreea
Eurodoc promotes and encourages the implementation of the
European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct (C&C).
Unfortunately, lack of awareness across Europe slows their implementation.
For 2016-2017, the Policy Research WG has as a goal raising awareness
about the C&C and evaluating the current level of their implementation
in an effort to push their full implementation and help promote ERA and EHEA.

5. Open Access, Coordinator: Katharina
– Widen the topic from open access to publications
(generally accepted topic of scholarly communication today, though not yet fully implemented)
to open access to data, open science, open metrics etc. – or in general the openness topic.
– Emphasize and advocate for the advantages of OA and especially of the green route for ESRs.

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